Welcome to the brilliant world of Geraldo, where exclusive diamond creations blind your eyes. Where a unique skill meets the most advanced technologies, and where connoisseurs find diamond jewelry with unsurpassed beauty and quality. Where every product, be it a bracelet, a ring, a pendant, earrings or necklaces, is visually bright and different from everything else in the market of luxury.

Where masters create, saturating every piece of Geraldo jewelry with the main diamond symbols — «aristocracy» and «heritage».

Where the main rules are: «Art reigns, but technology serves.»

Geraldo Company was founded in 2002, aiming at creating diamond jewelry using the unprecedented complexity of the «invisible setting» technique. In order to guarantee the success of the company, the best craftsmen, highly skilled engineers and creative designers have been involved in the company.

In the early years, Geraldo was engaged in the development and production of watches and jewelry for the leading world brands, specializing in «invisible setting» of round diamonds and solving complex technological jewelry tasks. The key to success was the

location of the plant — in the heart of the rough diamond/ diamond exchange house in Ramat Gan. This also allows the purchase of diamonds in absolute conformity with the necessary parameters without delay, without compromise in quality and without intermediaries.

One of Geraldo’s notable achievements is the patented diamond field in the «invisible setting» of round diamonds. This unprecedented invention is an engineering victory. It was previously considered technologically impossible and remains a mystery even for the most experienced jewelers.

By investing a considerable amount in developing new facets and designs, Geraldo pays special attention to protecting intellectual property rights. Nowadays, Geraldo has an overwhelming majority of patent designs in the world of jewelry. One of the most unique is the Diamond Sphere (the USA D653, 155S).

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